BBC Radio Devon interview

Clips from an hour-long discussion between Martyn Warren and John Coates on BBC Radio Devon, July 16 2006, by kind permission of the BBC.

Modesty has inhibited me from making these excerpts available before now - or do I just mean that it has taken me 6 years to get round to doing it?

What Voces means

What is Voces - and why the weird name?

The start

Back to the early days - a quarter of a century ago now.  Speedy abandonment of 'cooperative' ideals leads to the usual old benevolent (?) autocracy. 

Choosing music

How we come to sing what we do.  With Berchem's 'Surrexit Christus' (introductory noises off were edited out).

Creating the sound (1)


 The chimera of 'authenticity'.  Mixing the palette of voices.

Creating the sound (2)

Continuing the theme of the previous clip. 


Avoid this if you are embarrassed by flagrant self-promotion.  Conductor gives himself a solo and then broadcasts the recording.  Double hit!  Treble hit if you think the singing's rubbish too.  With 'O quam tu pulchra es' by Grandi.

The big finish

Nowadays Voces is generally smaller and lighter (try the 'Listen to us' link), but this still makes me smile.   With 'Hosanna to the Son of David' by Orlando Gibbons.

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